Working with Linux

As of January 2008 I now use Linux for all of my computer use at home. I used a virtual Windows machine for some System.Windows.Forms development for WarFoundry for a while, but even that doesn't get used these days.

Despite its reputation as an unfriendly system I've managed to get quite a few additional features set up in Linux that are very useful and either wouldn't be available in Windows without extending the resource hogging or else would probably be charged for. That's not to say that it all went perfectly smoothly, but the majority of changes and installs are smooth and automatically handled.

Additions to my work/play environment

I've made a few additions to my work environment, adding new and interesting features each time. The following are brief write-ups of my experiences with them, as I get a chance to write them.

The following are old write-ups that are unlikely to be relevant to modern distributions, but may still have helpful snippets in them.

Bug fixes and problems

Sometimes I come across issues that don't seem to have very good resources to resolve them, or where a search returns lots of questions but no answers. When I finally resolve issues in that category then I will try to include solutions here.