Working with against Windows

As of January 2008 I have ditched my dual-boot setup of Fedora and Windows XP (with Fedora being the default that was used for everything except System.Windows.Forms development) in favour of a pure Fedora setup with Windows XP relegated to a virtual machine for the small amount of System.Windows.Forms development.

The following are Windows/VirtualBox tweaks and fixes that I've discovered, used or had to find for myself.

Additions to my work environment

So far there have been no additions.

Bug fixes and problems

Sometimes I come across issues that don't seem to have very good resources to resolve them, or where a search returns lots of questions but no answers. When I finally resolve issues in that category then I will try to include solutions here.

  • Getting Visual Studio .Net to build in a location other than "bin/Debug" - required because my projects are in VirtualBox shared folders, which Windows treats as untrusted and so won't let you run .Net applications that use FileDialogs from them.