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A blog seems to be such a common thing now - anyone from political idealists to programmers and website designers to any old person who just wants an online diary that others can read. And now I'm getting in on the act!

I started with the IBBoard.co.uk domain as a place to host my forums (Internet Bulleting Boards, hence the domain!) and then took IBBoard as my name on lots of forums. Then, after moving my website to an IBBoard subdomain, I've finally moved it to its own domain (the main Hive World Terra and the Dawn of War site Skins@HWT plus the HWT Forums) leaving the IBBoard domain empty. Since I'm no longer working and am currently on holiday before doing my final year at University, I thought I'd start a blog, just on the off chance that anyone cares!

So here it is, IBBoard the blog, with it's very first message and a default skin that will definately be changed at some point!

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Comment from: Craig [Visitor]
Hey, just seen the link in your sig, all I can say is, haha, you got sucked in to the netwhore life as well :D

Also, is it bulleting or bulletin boards?
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Comment from: IBBoard [Member]
It's bulletin - stupid typo :D bulleting boards are probably what you get in the more dangerous areas of da hood!

As for netwhore, meh, this is (when I bother to update it) going to be more of a "here's my work"/"here's a placeholder for the domain"/"here's something quite impressive I found to do with HTML and CSS" blog rather than an "I'm so cool, everyone wants to know about me"/"I'm some angsty/emo kid"/"I think that because I have a blog my political opinions matter and are the most important thing on the net" blog that you see everywhere else.
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Comment from: Ben [Visitor] · http://ben-ward.co.uk
Aha, kudos for the link Stu.
a default skin that will definately be changed at some point!

Them's dangerous words and are destined to come back and haunt you when, 12 months down the line, you still haven't done it.
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Comment from: IBBoard [Member]
I'm sure I'll be able to come up with something - hopefully by the start of Uni and if not then I'd worry if I also missed the CSS Reboot date! Although chances are, I'll do my CSS reboot before the date, just because I can't be bothered waiting until then and then trying to change it on a specific date :D

Besides, the skin has changed already - I've rearranged some of the right hand nav areas and I've changed the footer into a styled list (and included the feeds down there as well)
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Comment from: Ben [Visitor] · http://ben-ward.co.uk
Yeah, b2Evolution is pretty stylable in a ‘hack around with PHP’ kinda way. Its spam protection stinks these days though.

I'm still jumping ship the Wordpress, it's simply more mature and better designed.
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Comment from: David Hammerton [Visitor]
Good site!
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