Hive World Terra gets a .com

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I've finally got round to doing it, over one month since it was suggested to me by my manager at my Industrial Experience placement - I've bought HiveWorldTerra.com.

The suggestion to buy the domain came because I mentioned I had IBBoard.co.uk and someone had recently bought the .com and was putting a CMS there (or they were, that page seems to have gone now to be replaced with an Apache test page). So since I had HiveWorldTerra.co.uk, why not buy the .com as well and make sure no-one steals that? At $7.99 per year from my host, Micfo.com, (that's about £4.50) it's not going to break the bank!

I've currently got it set up the proper way around so that www.hiveworldterra.com/anything redirects to www.hiveworldterra.co.uk/anything :) skins.hiveworldterra.com and forums.hiveworldterra.com have also been setup as redirects to the correct TLD, but I've yet to get the Skins subdomain to respond, even though they were both set up at the same time.

Update: the DNS settings seem to have propogated - skins.hiveworldterra.com now redirects to the same page in skins.hiveworldterra.co.uk. And remember, the .co.uk is the correct domain because I'm British and unlike some British companies I want to keep the website that way :D

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