Command-line SGA Extractor released (v1.1)

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Further to the original Command-line SGA Extractor announcement, I've now released the Command-line SGA Extractor v1.1. The new version of the extractor fixes a bug with recursive hex-editing, a small bug when extracting to a folder-path without slashes and also adds additional output and logging features.

Once again, this isn't designed for normal user usage, but it can be very useful for developers, as will soon be shown by Danimator's Ulthwe mod and my own Halved Marines Mod and Quartered Marines Mod.


Is it immoral or wrong...

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I've just had yet another spammer who seems to have come along with a slightly more targetted and personal spam (i.e. added a tiny related comment and lots of spam and links) and it got me thinking again: Is it immoral or wrong to get a spam saying "great site! Come to crazydoctoryouwouldnevertrust.com and get illegal and dubious drugs..." and remove all of it but the compliment?

Just a thought for the big wide world to be going on with :)


Two update army painter mods!

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Following a post from someone on the Relic Forums in the thread about the UberPainter Army Painter mods, I noticed that I forgot the Squiggoth and the Grots in the original versions (that's a rather large oversight with the Squiggoth!).

One quick update of the Ork race and a reshuffle of all of the Dawn of War ordering later and both mods now have new and updated version, both include the Squiggoth and the Gretchin in the Army Painter list for the Orks and both use the Winter Assault list order.


Two new army painter mods

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Last night and this morning I've released two related mods. Both are army painter mods, one for Dawn of War and one for Winter Assault.

The UberPainter Mod for Dawn of War's army painter has proved popular so far, with over 40 downloads in about 12 hours. It adds all of the units to the army painter preview list, as well as all of the buildings and all of the official Games Workshop paint colours as presets!

The UberPainter WA Mod does the same for the Winter Assault army painter, but also includes the new units for each race and the Imperial Guard. The ordering of preview lists for the existing races was also improved slightly, thanks to feedback from Kresjah that made more sense than my original ordering logic did!


Antispam working well

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Since the original Anti-spam coding post about my new regex filters, it has been working very well. I've added a few more brand names to the regex as they've sneaked through, and a filter on the comment text so that words such as 'incest' don't get through (one site, generic domain, lots of incest/voyeur comment spam).

Now I'll only get the occasional slip-through of comments, which can easily be covered and blocked in future. Since mid-December I've only had about 25 referer spams get through, recently for houses/gardens and postage paid-type URLs (although probably poker at the other end) and a couple of mis-spellings to get around spam filters. It's still a major improvement over what it was before, even if it does mean that some potentially legitimate referers (such as blog links along the lines of "www.domain.com/index.php/get_rid_of_casino_spam") will get occasionally blocked. It's not as if I get a lot of views or referals here anyway!

A new year, a new Fiancee

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OK, so she's not 'new' in that I wasn't going out with her before, or in that I've had one fiancee and replaced her or anything, but the title is the best I can come up with!

While on holiday in Colorado I proposed to my girlfriend of now, very nearly, two years. It wasn't a suprise proposal, it was a mutual agreement that we wanted that extra step - it makes it much easier: you get told what ring they like, you know they won't say "no" or "not yet, it's too early", and all you have to think of is what to say where and when!

I actually proposed on the 18th December in the snow of Colorado's Rocky Mountains (Winter Park is much better for memories than normal England!), but I've only just had time to post here about it :)

Happy New Year everyone!