Cawbird is modern, easy and fun Twitter client for the desktop. It is built with GTK3 and supports all of the main Twitter features.

Cawbird exists because the Twitter web interface is bad, and because having a desktop client keeps you in control.

Cawbird was forked from the Corebird Twitter client after it was abandoned following the termination of the Twitter Streaming API.



Check your distribution's package manager. It is always best to install from your distro if possible. Cawbird is currently packaged by Fedora, Alpine Linux and NixOS, and a package is available in Arch Linux's "Community" repositories.

RPM and DEB files are available on the Cawbird OBS site for multiple distros. Cawbird is currently built for:

Alternatively, Cawbird can be built from source using Meson and Ninja.

Support and contributing

If you have any questions or problems then send a tweet to @CawbirdClient.

If you find a bug or want to contribute then look at:


Why does Cawbird exist?
Because I (IBBoard) had been building Corebird with custom patches (including post-streaming fixes) for nearly a year and adding more tweaks as patches was getting harder. So I decided to fork the now abandoned project and give it a new lease of life.
Why is it called Cawbird?
Partly because I'm bad at naming and couldn't come up with anything else. Partly because I thought it was a good play on words. On Twitter you tweet. On Mastodon you toot. Cawbird forked from Corebird, "caw" is the noise that crows make† and it sounds similar to "core".
Will you support link shorteners?
No. Link shorteners are a thing of evil and encourage people to click on links that they can't identify the final destination for. See also Baedert's opinions from Corebird
What is "Cawbird Unstable"?
"Unstable" is a separate testing build of Cawbird that includes additional patches and updates from the main development line. As its name suggests, it may be unstable and may break things! We use separate keys to distinguish it on Twitter and help to test certain rate-limited features without affecting primary accounts.

† "Caw" is the noise crows make in the UK. Given how animals sound in other languages then this link may not work in other languages!