Clearlooks 2 Blend (Emerald)

Section: Themes

Clearlooks 2 Blend for Emerald's Pixmap engine was created because I use Compiz-Fusion on an ATI card. Unfortunately at one point the GTK-Window-Decorator didn't work properly with ATI cards using AIGLX. Instead I had to use the Emerald window manager and so ported my Clearlooks 2 Blend Metacity theme in the easiest way possible: Pixmaps.


  • Clearlooks 2 Blend for Emerald example screenshot


  • v0.2 release 22nd December 2007


  • Port to pixmaps of the Clearlooks 2 Blend theme
  • Dark border on bottom of unfocused title removed so that title bar blends more with window body
  • Dark border on bottom of focused title lightened so that change from unfocused and no line to focused isn't so major
  • Outer border of unfocused windows lightened so that background windows are more subtle and subdued
  • Partial transparency of title of unfocused windows and subtle pulsing of window buttons on hover

License: GPL 2.0

Credits: Based on Clearlooks 2 Blend, which was based on Clearlooks 2 by Daniel Borgmann