Tango-esque for the Pidgin screenlet

Section: Themes

Since taking to using Compiz with the Widget Layer plugin, I've found it much easier to use the PidginScreenlet for my Pidgin contact list.

Screenshot: Tango-esque Pidgin Screenlet

While running v0.2.x (which only supported "online", "offline" and "online but not available") I made a quick Tango-esque theme using pixmaps. v0.3.x changed the theming method and so I remade the theme, but with better icons.

The Tango-esque theme uses icons from the Gnome theme and from Pidgin itself, plus one new icon, to provide a set of style icons that approximately match the Tango Desktop Project icon set.


  • v1.0 release 5th May 2008


  • Reduced brightness of some colours
  • Removed some gradients
  • Changed dark on hover to light on hover
  • Replaced icons with a combination of Gnome (online tick) and default Pidgin (away clock, busy 'no entry' sign and offline cross) icons
  • Created 'idle' question mark from tinted busy icon

License: GPL 2.0

Credits: Based on the Black 2 theme in PidginScreenlet v0.3.1