Unix timestamp conversion

Date to time stamp conversion


Time stamp to date conversion


Current timestamp: 1701900106

Server time: GMT/UTCGMT/UTCChosen time: GMT/UTC
6/12/2023, 10:01pm6/12/2023, 10:01pm6/12/2023, 10:01pm
6/12/2023, 22:016/12/2023, 22:016/12/2023, 22:01

Using the page

By default the page is populated with the current time and uses GMT as a time zone.

There are also two ways to use it as a Unix time stamp conversion tool.

  1. You can specify a date (in British dd/mm/yyyy format) and an optional 24 hour time along with the timezone. If no time is specified then midnight in the specified timezone is assumed. This returns the Unix time stamp and formatted dates (server, GMT and specified local)
  2. You can specify a time stamp to see it formatted to server time, GMT and a specified local time.

Example uses

The following links are some example uses of the script: