This page contains the WarFoundry program, WarFoundry data files and extra tools.

There are two types of program on this page: Releases and Development.

Release builds are builds that contained a specific set of features and were believed to be stable enough for daily use. Most users will want to use Release builds.

Development builds are builds that are a work-in-progress towards a Release build. They may be unstable or contain bugs and are recommended for those who want to help improve WarFoundry and aren't afraid of the occasional crash or bug. Eventually, these builds will lead to Release builds.


WarFoundry now has its first release in the form of "WarFoundry for Windows v0.1" (the WinForms edition). This is an initial stable version that supports the minimum needed to create an army. It doesn't validate armies yet, but any armies create under v0.1 should be able to be re-used and validated in later releases.

Please keep an eye on the Roadmap for the progress of further releases on Windows and Linux. Any help developing WarFoundry and speeding up its release is greatly appreciated.

If you want to use the current development version then you can download the source code for free from our repositories at For general guidance on the necessary projects, see the Getting Started document on the Dev Wiki. Alternatively, try one of the "development builds" listed below.

Development/testing builds

Development builds of WarFoundry are available below. These are the latest development builds . Please download and test WarFoundry and report any bugs in the bug tracking system or make any general comments in the forums.

Note: Although the WinForms edition is intended for Windows, it will also work on Linux under Mono, and will presumably work in Mac OS X under Mono as well. Alternatively, the GTK# edition should work on Linux and potentially on Mac OS X and Windows with some additional installs.

Nightly builds

These dev builds provide a snapshot of the latest development code.They are built on the server each night that a change occurs.

Warning: This code may be unstable and should only be used by those who want to test the latest features and are willing to accept occasional broken builds.

Current dev builds

These dev builds are specific releases, manually created in the run-up to a release. 'Alpha' builds are early previews. 'Beta' builds are thought to be nearly stable. 'Release Candidate' builds are very nearly the final release and just need some last testing by users.

No builds available.

Older development builds are available in our archive.

Data files

The following "official" files are sample files or are otherwise known to be fully supported and accepted by the owners of the game system they represent. Other data files can be found in the community-run WarFoundry data file Yahoo Group. Thanks to Snowblizz for his efforts maintaining the community files.

To use a data file, download it and place it in the "data" folder under your main WarFoundry folder. WarFoundry files should end with ".system" or ".race" and do not need opening or decompressing in any way.

WarFoundry can support a potentially wide range of game systems and races, each of which is represented by data files. While work is underway on Rollcall support and Army Builder support, WarFoundry also has its own native format.

Extra Tools

In addition to the main WarFoundry applications, a selection of useful tools are also planned.

WarFoundry Equipment Tool

As part of his file creation and beta testing, Snowblizz has kindly contributed a pair of WarFoundry Equipment tools. Both are spreadsheets, one for Microsoft Office and one for OpenOffice, that help generate the XML for units in race data files. The main focus is on making equipment choices easier to work with.

Download source

As GPL Licensed code, everything is also available in source form. For the latest version, see the Getting Started document on the Dev Wiki. For sources for specific releases, see the source download page.