The following is a list of the site updates and major events and milestones in developing WarFoundry.

22nd June 2014

WarFoundry development was put on hiatus. While there were big plans, there didn't seem to be sufficient time or community interest.

WarFoundry remains available as an Open Source project for anyone to take on and improve, though. Unlike a commercial product, all is not lost!

30th April 2011

Work has slowly been progressing on WarFoundry, with the initial framework for a requirements system now in place. This will make its way in to v0.2 of WarFoundry. In the mean time, the Linux build of WarFoundry has been released, an so WarFoundry GTK v0.1 (code name: "Cry Havoc") is available on the Downloads page.

If you use Linux, what are you waiting for? WarFoundry is one less reason to use Wine and it has a native look and feel. Replace Army Builder with an open source roster builder and army creator today!

16th January 2011

The first news for the New Year is that the Linux build of WarFoundry are now considered very nearly ready for the prime time! WarFoundry GTK v0.1 RC 1 is now available and ready for testing. This build includes translations (with a sample French translation), some refresh updates

If you run Linux then please grab a dev build and get involved!

18th December 2010

A week before Christmas and all through the house…we were releasing the first Linux builds of WarFoundry! WarFoundry GTK v0.1 beta 1 is now available and ready for testing. If you run Linux then please grab a dev build and get involved!

Note: translations aren't included in the GTK build yet, but they will be included by the full v0.1 release.

2nd November 2010

Cry Havoc! WarFoundry v0.1 has now been released. Although RC2 was released a month ago, a server migration and a critical bug in SharpZipLib (the library we use to load Zip files) that prevented some Zip applications being used delayed the release of WarFoundry for Windows v0.1 (code named "Cry Havoc").

Please download v0.1, give us feedback and get involved in the discussion of What features does v0.2 need? In the mean time, thanks to Snowblizz and the community for creating some initial data files.

Use Linux? Fear not, as the WinForms interface will work on Linux. Also, development is well underway on a GTK# interface for WarFoundry.

29th September 2010

Work has been underway on the GTK# and Qt# interfaces. Although Qt# would be preferable in the long run, and although its API is better for the developers in the long run, it is currently too unstable to be relied upon and so the GTK# interface has come to the fore as the Linux UI of choice.

In better news, very few bugs were found in RC1, but there were a couple. They have now been fixed and RC2 is now available. Please grab a dev build and get involved!

24th July 2010

A lot of fixing, cleaning and several computer problems later and WarFoundry has reached its first release candidate. This release includes several UI fixes and some polish, the ability to make composite limits (e.g. "Must be less than 10% of unit size and less than three") and improved data validation. If this version is stable and fairly bug free then it will become the first official non-development release - WarFoundry v0.1 'Cry Havoc'.

Go grab a dev build and get involved! And if you want to show your support, check out our WarFoundry user bars (we have three different revisions and several variations).

31st May 2010

It hasn't been quite as quick as I'd hoped, but WarFoundry v0.1 beta 9 is now available! Thanks to some great suggestions from the community, we now support a few more important features for standard games: units can now be picked from multiple categories, and units can now have multiple stat lines. A full list of bug fixes and changes is available in our ticketing system.

Go grab a dev build and get involved! And if you want to show your support, check out our WarFoundry user bars (we now have three different revisions).

18th April 2010

There's a lot of activity behind the scenes, with various discussions about new requirements taking place on the forums. We've also got some interest from a larger group of gamers that may help improve WarFoundry through increased exposure and usage.

Following recent changes to the translation infrastructure for WarFoundry, v0.1b8 introduces an initial "preferences" section with language translations, new French and German translations, plus some fixes for running the WinForms app on Linux.

Go grab a dev build and get involved! And if you want to show your support, check out our WarFoundry user bars (we now have three different revisions).

2nd April 2010

After many delays caused by real life commitments and events, a new version of WarFoundry has finally hit the download page! v0.1b7 features an updated UI using the newer menu and positionable tool strips that you see in Office 2003, Visual Studio and many other newer (non-2007) Microsoft apps.

Other updates in this version include Italian and Dutch translations (WarFoundry can now be shown in English, Dutch, Swedish, Russian and Italian), better default save locations, and simpler requirements for data files (which are now checked and should be future-proofed).

Go grab a dev build and get involved! And if you want to show your support, check out our WarFoundry user bars.

February 2010

The good news is that work is still underway on WarFoundry, including a new Qt#/Qyoto interface. The bad news is that we've lost time to the resolution of threats of legal action over the description of our application. You may have read about it on other sites, as many sites were affected, but full disclosure to make the WarFoundry community aware of the situation that the WarFoundry community is in are now available.

24th December 2009

Merry Christmas! As a festive/yuletide/insert-holiday-of-choice present, WarFoundry is now available in a snow-tastic new beta version with fifteen bug fixes and enhancements. Please go grab a dev build of beta 6 and get involved!

22nd November 2009

Another long break until a beta release, but this version includes a lot of work on the equipment after our beta testers (mainly Snowblizz) tried and broke the previous version. Please go grab a dev build of beta 5 and get involved!

31st October 2009

Slightly later than planned, but with some major breaking changes to equipment, the fourth beta version has been released. Go grab a dev build and get involved!

29th September 2009

With the help of Snowblizz and Frostlee we're now on to our third beta version with numerous bug fixes, improvements and suggestions for future features. We still need more beta testers, though, so please grab a dev build and get involved!

13th September 2009

Our first beta release has been built and uploaded. If you want to try out the first build and help the development of WarFoundry as a tester then please grab a dev build of the WarFoundry v0.1 beta.

August 2009

As you can see from our dev site timeline, progress has been continuing despite the lack of news updates.

The most important changes in the past week has been some reshuffling of the milestones and releases that should bring WarFoundry v0.1 closer to release. We've also now got army loading and saving in WarFoundry, so the app has finally become useful for more than just one session!

If you're interested in helping out - either as a developer or beta-testing WarFoundry v0.1 as it approaches release - then please drop in to our WarFoundry forums and make yourself known.

May 2009

We have been investigating the possibilities for a Army Builder plugin that would add support for Army Builder's data files in to WarFoundry. This would be on top of the Rollcall plugin for loading Rollcall ADF files.

The main change to the WarFoundry Site has been the introduction of an updates feed as part of a rewrite of the front page. Viewing recent updates is now even easier, and hopefully the introduction is more useful.

March and April 2009

The site has been fairly static, but work is progressing well on WarFoundry v0.1. There is also now more information on the Dev Wiki, including details of the WarFoundry File Formats, which should now be fairly stable.

7th Feburary 2009

The site is getting an overhaul with a new design, a logo, a better integration between the site and Trac, and a reshuffle of some pages.

January 2009

A lot of work has been going on with WarFoundry, including setting up a Trac site for integrated bug/feature tracking, upload of source code (now properly licensed under the LGPL v3) and a public SVN Server, plus an initial working Rollcall plugin.

23rd December 2008

Having been moved to a VPS in the past month, we now have the set up for a more complete development area including source control, bug tracking and project integration. The code still needs to be correctly licensed, but the code in its current state is now publicly available.

23rd June 2008

  • WarFoundry file loading is rebuilt to use a new design, based around zip files as data archives rather than just a single XML file.

18th June 2008

After a long time without updates (due in part to a lack of computer following a disk crash, an excess of visits from the in-laws and the arrival of my first child) things start back up again.

  • The starts of the Developers section of the site goes up. More detail will be added as areas are finalised.

28th February 2008

  • GTK# version now has unit tabs that let you see the details of a unit, plus several back-end updates.

27th January 2008

23rd January 2008

  • Moved old features list to progress.
  • Re-created features as a page of features and functions of the application.
  • Brought the features and progress up to date.