About WarFoundry

What is WarFoundry?

WarFoundry is an open source army creation application. It helps in the process of writing an army list (or roster) that you can then either use for a battle or build your future army around.

To see what some different versions of WarFoundry look like, check out the screenshots page.

Why should I use an army creator or roster building program?

Why not? The main alternative to an application like WarFoundry is writing up a roster on paper and calculating points costs (including all of the equipment combinations) in your head or on a calculator. Unless you've got neat hand-writing then this can be messy, as well as error-prone and time-intensive.

The alternative is to use a tailored application that knows what an army is and what a unit is and let it work out the points. WarFoundry is one such application.

Why WarFoundry?

Again, why not? WarFoundry is:

It also does well in a point-for-point comparison against some of the alternatives.

I use Mac OS X/Linux/Other, so I guess I can't use it

Not true! WarFoundry has intentionally been written to cover all of the major platforms. While a native-looking OS X interface hasn't been written yet, other interfaces should work on OS X. For Linux we have a GTK# interface and a Qt#/Qyoto interface.