Fandoms in the Tumblr Fandom Flag

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In early January 2014, I joined Tumblr. My wife had had a Tumblr account for some time, but I had enough to do on Twitter. Then my brother took a job in America and started posting odd things from the USA and I had to join up. In case you're unaware, Tumblr is a hotbed of Fandom-types. A real hotbed. If you want real, deep, dedicated fans, check Tumblr.

On 23rd January, the Tumblr Staff account reblogged the "final flag from the Tumblr Fandom Games Project".

Being completely non-obsessive about seeing how much I know, I then totally ignored it and did not begin identifying the fandom symbols I knew. This was not then not posted on Tumblr, where my wife (a really popular fandom author) did not proceed to reblog it, getting me more coverage than I'd normally get.

After being reblogged, and reblogged, and reblogged, people started pointing out ones that they knew. I started adding them to the list. A new mission was born!

The mission

This is the latest image:

Tumblr flag with identified fandoms

(Beware! 800KB image!)

The mission is to identify as many of the symbols as possible based purely on pre-existing knowledge. All of the icons marked as identified by IBBoard were either known to me, or I suspected I knew and double-checked. No image searching has been used to identify images.

If you know any unidentified symbols, either email me or use a Tumblr Ask.