About IBBoard

IBBoard is the handle of a security researcher and consultant in England's West Midlands. I graduated from UMIST with a BSc (hons) in Computing Science, as well as the programme prize for best student in the year for each of the three academic years.

My main interest is in exploring and understanding technology, and its implications for security and privacy.

At work I've developed tools that use ontologies to let people draw pictures that capture knowledge in a format that machines can reason over. I've explored how consent for data use could be revoked and how companies could show privacy compliance standards. I've briefed people from various levels of industry on how to detect, deter and disrupt Command and Control channels from malware and advanced persistent threats. I've designed and built systems for using Hadoop to do data processing to provide better situational awareness as part of Computer Network Defence. I always try to focus on how people could do security better.

In my spare time I’ve got patches accepted on Open Source projects that use C#, Vala, Python and PHP, and I’ve also worked in VB6, Perl, Bash and Java over the years, as well as doing web development with HTML, CSS and Javascript, managing servers with Puppet, and trying to build new RPMs from updated source code and old spec files! I’ve built upon someone else’s reverse engineering of a file format to create extractor and compiler apps for a computer game. I’ve tried making a content management system (about ten years ago now, before Drupal and Joomla took off, back when phpNuke was the best option). I’ve written and released modifications for Ikonboard, Invision Board (before it became IPB), and phpBB, and I’ve modified both OpenCart and ZenCart. I very briefly tinkered with Android to make a working “flashlight” app for my old Samsung Galaxy Ace phone and to hack some new icons into the Stark icon pack. I’ve even got my own code online as open source at dev.ibboard.co.uk, with one wargaming-related project (which I’ve since abandoned) at WarFoundry.co.uk. I also run my own VPS that contains an ownCloud install to keep my calendar and address book on.

To go with all of that computer geekery, I also enjoy wargames, miniatures and tabletop games, and the odd spot of photography.

As a child of the Internet, I've got accounts in all sorts of places.

Contribution list

A non-exhaustive list of projects that I've maintained or contributed to:

Plus the following one-offs and personal projects: