IBBoard on the Internet

The Internet is a strange place, where most people use a handle rather than their own name. Often this relates to a gaming name, but not always. Everywhere on the Internet I now go by the name of IBBoard, and as far as I know I'm the only one. Almost every reference that Google turns up is either to one of my sites/accounts or to a bit of software with a matching name.

The name originally began in forums back in 2001 as IBBoard.co.uk, since it was used mainly my host-at-the-time's forums and web development forums. It then became shortened to just IBBoard as I used it on other sites.

"IBBoard" was inspired by old forums such as Ikonboard and Invision Board (now Invision Power Board) that used abbreviations like IKB and IB/IPB. I needed a location and a domain on which to host the Hive World Terra forums while the main website was not on script enabled hosting. Being a location for planned forums, I called it IBBoard.co.uk (short for Internet Bulletin Board), bought the domain and had big plans. The plans fell away, but the name has remained.

The following are known accounts I've had at various locations. Other instances of IBBoard may or may not be me (but probably are!) More will be added as I look around and find long forgotten accounts.

My websites and content

Active Social Media

Other sites

  • Stack Exchange - my Question-Answering Geek Points profile.
  • IBBoard on Last.fm - my music listening habits
  • openSUSE forums - normally me asking for help with OS problems!
  • YouTube - home to the occasional video and like, because I rarely ever log in (someone already has IBBoard, despite me having it as my GMail address)

Legacy Locations

  • Twitter - short-form blogging… until Musk bought it and drove it into the ground.
  • phpBB.com - mods and work on the phpBB forum software posted at the official forums
  • Mozillazine.org - gripes and suggestions on the Mozilla forums