Death of a blog?

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It's not a big news-worthy thing in the land of the Net, but I'm contemplate blog-icide.

My fiancee, Asli of PerfectImagination.co.uk, has just bought a domain so that she has somewhere to put her Harry Potter Fanfiction in her own archive. She then wanted visitors to be able to comment, which would require a database - only we're using all six of our allocated databases (one for the CMS at HWT, one for the CMS at Skins@HWT, one for the HWT forums, one for the CMS at Perfect Imagination, one for my own local copy of PPHLogger (one that ignores AOL dialup users) and one for this blog).

I've managed to cut it down to five by combining the forum and main HWT database in to one (HWT gets around 70 visitors per day, so sharing connections isn't exactly a big issues!), but now I'm wondering what the point of this blog is. Even with my regularly updated Regular Expression spam filter I've received far more successful spam comments in the last few months than I've received comments in the whole life of the blog, I've done various bits of development that I haven't blogged, and I've not got anything interesting or insightful to say about any standards, languages, software packages or anything technical like that. All in all, the original idea for this blog was good, but it's lacking its point and it's taking up a database for it.

The blog will remain for a while (at least until I work out a static HTML replacement of links to various projects) but don't worry if it disappears. Yes, that means you, Ben - I'm sure you're about the only one who reads this! :D