Tango VirtualBox icons

Section: Themes

Screenshot: Tango VirtualBox icons

Although I no-longer need Windows enough to dual-boot, I do still sometimes do some System.Windows.Forms development in C#. There are no suitable WYSIWYG editors for the toolkit in Linux, and so I use VirtualBox to run Windows XP virtual machine just for Visual Studio.

Screenshot: Tango VirtualBox icons in a menu

In previous versions, VirtualBox has used a reasonable icon, but in 1.6.0 hosting and building of the files was taken over by Sun Microsystems and the icon changed to something much uglier. 1.6.2 does return the icon to the VirtualBox cube, but previous versions used a square icon that was clearer at small scales.

The following are my icons for Virtual Box and Virtual Box menu items.


  • v1.0 release 11th June 2008

    Initial release with a plain VirtualBox icon, a VirtualBox control panel icon and two VirtualBox 'Windows' icons for menu items for Windows virtual machines. The pack

    License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Credits: The control panel icon uses a modified version of the Tango System-Preferences icon, which was released under CC-BY-SA 2.5.